operationward57Eric Scott joined the Army in May of 1997, five days after graduating High School. While deployed in 2004, his vehicle got struck by an IED and he was briefly knocked unconscious. Now, it was not till 2014 that he found out what that fateful moment had meant for him... He had a Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD that had been untreated for years...

After a 17 year career, he was medically discharged and retired in May of 2014.

Eric Scott is just one of the many wounded warriors Operation Ward 57 has aided throughout the years.

And now there's a way you can help them too!

Operation Ward 57 wants to support wounded warrior military families and gold star families in need with Christmas and Hanukkah presents for their children.  

This is a great way to connect one on one with wounded warrior military families or gold star families to offer a special Thank You this holiday season by providing food and gifts.

To talk about Operation Ward 57's Adopt a Family Program we recently invited Eric Scott himself and Brittney Hamilton, their Executive Director.

Check our conversation right here...