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[DISH] Demi Lavato is Being Sued for Ripping Off a Song!

Demi Lovato is being sued for ripping off a song from a group named Sleigh Bells. They claim that Demi Lavato's song "Stars" has the same beat. Click here to listen to the two songs and you...
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[DISH] Here's Why Russell Wilson & Ciara Moved Their Wedding to England

As you may know, Russell Wilson & Ciara had a beautiful wedding in England over the Summer.  England was their THIRD choice!  Their first choice was a venue in North Carolina... but...
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[DISH] Katie Couric Cut Her Salary By $1M to Save Others’ Jobs

Katie Couric cut her salary, when working for CBS, by $1 million to save her staff of producers, etc. The conditions were that the savings would go directly to her staff's salary and that they...
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[DISH] The Guy Who Created the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync Has Died

Music manager Lou Pearlman died on Friday at the age of 62. He created a bunch of boy bands including the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. But he was also a shady businessman, and he was in prison...
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[DISH] Did Ryan Lochte and His Teammates Lie About Being Robbed at Gunpoint?

Police in Rio want to talk to Ryan Lochte and the three other swimmers who were supposedly robbed at gunpoint. They're not sure it actually happened. Ryan is already back in the states, but at...
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[DISH] The Real Reason Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Split!

Kristen Stewart says the real reason her & Robert Pattinson split wasn't because she "cheated" on him but rather because the public made them a "product" put too much stress on their...
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Macklemore's Ryan Lewis Records Message for Molly's Stepson

Macklemore's Ryan Lewis dropped by to chat with Bender & Molly Wednesday morning... prior to leaving, he recorded a message for Molly's stepson Ty.  Watch it here: ...
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Macklemore's Ryan Lewis Joined Bender & Molly in Studio!

Macklemore's Ryan Lewis dropped by the KISS-FM studios to chat with Bender & Molly on Wednesday.  He talked about his #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign.  He also talked about their upcoming...
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[DISH] Lady Gaga to Star in Bradley Cooper's New Movie!

Months ago, it was speculated that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were hooking up, as she was seen riding on the back of his motorcycle...well, it was just announced today that she'll be starring...
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[DISH] 'I Am Cait' Has Been Cancelled

I Am Cait has officially been cancelled after only 2 seasons...I think we knew this was coming. The hype of Caitlyn died REAL quick!   More here.
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