Dave Styles

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Dave Styles

Helloooooo…. I’m Dave Styles, the guy talking on the radio from 7pm-10pm on 106.1 KISS FM. I was born at the UW Medical Center, so I came out with a great view of Portage Bay,. I grew up in Auburn, went to Washington Elementary, Cascade Jr. High, and Auburn High School (Go Trojans!), so it doesn’t get much more local than me. Oh, and my favorite food is a crisp meat burrito from Taco Time.I’m kinda the healthy guy at the station, aside from the Taco Time, and people make fun of my food prep containers I bring in…but I’m staying strong, and not giving in to the peer pressure.I’ve loved the Mariners, since the Alvin David / Spike Owen days, a huge soccer fan (Liverpool), and own way too many shoes. Hmmm..what else do you wanna know?


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