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Bieber, Drake, Macklemore, Kehlani, The Game & Jeremih! New Music Friday!

I haven't posted a #NewMusicFriday in a few weeks since I started dropping new #KatFished calls on Fridays, but this week Ashley just couldn't pull it together and make it happen so New Music is...
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Brady's Called Out A Cheater AND His Old BOSS Is Harassing Him Online!!? #WTFWednesday with Kat and Brady!

Brady is ON ONE TODAY and calling everyone out!!  
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They both said they never did online dating before meeting 7 months ago.. so why does Brad have Tinder on his phone?! Kat goes Fishing for Jenny.. and Brad goes 50 Shades of Grey on Kat/Ashley!...
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I Almost ACCIDENTALLY Took Drugs in Vegas + Partied With Gronk! #WTFWednesday w/ Kat and Brady!

I had a nutty weekend in Vegas.. plus what's the craziest place you've ever hooked up?! #WTFWednesday with Kat and Brady!      
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Alex CLAIMS Someone Stole His Pictures For a Bumble Profile?! #KatFished

Brynn and Alex met on Tinder 6 months and have been exclusive ever since.. so why did Brynn's friend see Alex on Bumble?!  
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Our 4th of July Weekends Plus Thoughts on Alton Sterling #WTFWednesday with Kat and Brady!

Brady got super drunk and didn't sleep all weekend in NOLA.. Kat finally gave up f***boys.. and we discuss the controversial death of Alton Sterling.      
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Nick Young Nearly Ended His NBA Career With Fireworks..

We see this happen every single 4th of July. Professional athletes whose careers depend on their hands and fingers.. blow them off with fireworks. Nick Young came extremely close to losing some...
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Fifth Harmony Performs "Say My Name" By Destiny's Child

Fifth Harmony sounds great and really gave it their best attempt.. but let's be real. No one can ever compare to Destiny's Child.
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Fergie Recruits Ciara, Kim K and Chrissy Teigen For 'M.I.L.F.$' Video!

Obsessed. Fergie has not lost it! And peep the MILF friends Fergie Ferg brought wiwth her.. Kim K.. Ciara.. Chrissy Teigen?! This vid is stacked.
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Who Is Trey ACTUALLY Sending Snaps to?!? #KatFished

Veronica and Trey have only been dating for a few months.. but they just lost 'best friend' status on Snapcat.. plus she can see his snap score going up like crazy!! Is Trey sending snaps to other...
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