Between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, there are only 27 days(!!!).  Not even a full month!  Not even 4 weeks!  So, this year, I decided to put up the tree "early" - three and half weeks is NOT enough time to enjoy a tree (in my opinion hehe).  Usually I wait for Black Friday to roll around, but this year is a bit different; I won't be home on Black Friday, so I decided to put it up before I left for Thanksgiving vacation - there is nothing better than coming home to a warm and cozy apartment full of holiday cheer.

PLUS, decorating early gives me a chance to really make it perfect, and pass along some good ideas to you!

First, I started with my 6-foot tall faux tree crammed into the only corner of our apartment that it'll fit in to. I think next year I'll have to upgrade to one of Wight's gorgeous artificial trees; they have a whole forest of them for you to pick from (and right now they are 20% off!)!  Next, I added lights.  Then I took all of the incredible ornaments and stuff I got at Wight's and put them out so I could get a game plan going.


I got classic white ball ornaments (some in the box of 12 were matte finish and some were glossy), silver sparkly large ornaments, a few birds (mostly adorable owls), some 'sweater' type ornaments, some fake snowball ornaments, an awesome clock ornament, some amazing slowflake ornaments, a snowshoe ornament, a glittery piece of garland, and some pine cones.  I started decorating with what I had the most of - the white ball ornaments - and then moved on to the large silver ornaments and garland.

When I got the pine cones at Wight's, I wasn't 100% sure how I was going to use them, I just knew I wanted to add the 'natural' aspect to my sparkly tree.  Just setting them on the branches of my fake tree didn't work; I wanted to make them look like they had grown on my tree.  So, I got a little crafy with it.  I took the pine cones and heated up my hot glue gun.  On the bottom of each one, I added a tiny piece of green floral wire.  After they cooled, it was amazingly easy to add them to my tree!

I also decorated an awesome garland over our entertainment system to really complete the look in our living room. I used gorgeous snow-covered magnolias from Wight's to give it a soft, wintry feel.  The white looks great against the deep green of the garland.

Aaaaaaand voila!  Everything has come together!  I think I might add some hand-cut paper snowflakes to my tree in order to really fill it out, BUT, the stuff I got at Wight's really added class to my tree and took it up a notch from what I had been doing in years past.  All of the stuff I got at Wight's is perfect, I'll definitely be heading back there next year!  Make sure to check out Wight's for everything YOU need to decorate your home for the holidays - and let Ashley and I know what you get!  We'll share photos that you send to us right here :)

Happy decorating!


                       Before...                                                              After!!!