This is absolutely no April Fools joke, but definitely shows how some weather can really turn deadly out on the roads. 

Yesterday on the Virginia/North Carolina State Line, an accident happened that caused a chain reaction of accidents (17 total) stretching a full mile - almost 100 cars were involved, at least 3 are dead, and 25 people were sent to local hospitals.  The photos are mind blowing. It is thought that thick fog is to blame for these accidents, even though there were signs warning drivers about it. 

As the State Patrol officer says in this video: "It's up to the driver behind the wheel to take responsibility and adjust his speeds to the conditions."  It's important to realize that terrible weather - like snow - is not the only weather that impacts our commute here in Seattle.  Rain (light or heavy downpours), fog, snow, and even sunshine are weather conditions that you need to adjust to.  If you're driving westbound on 520 right as the sun is setting and the sun is right in your eyes making it hard to see - slow down!  There is no need to try and continue at the speed limit if you can't see.  It's dangerous.  Sure, there's the possibility that someone might honk at you, but it's a lot better than being in an accident.

Drive smart out there on the roads, and adjust your speed.  Not just for terrible weather, but nice weather as well.  The conditions are changing all the time, and it's your responsibility to adjust accordingly.  Be a courteous driver and realize that you're not the only person on the road trying to get somewhere - we all are!  So take it easy, and please, be safe out there.


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