Ina Garten got a $15,500 stove and appliance envy is real.

Well color me envious.  When you think about a dream kitchen, this is about as good as it gets.  Ina Garten from The Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network just had this stove custom made by Lacanche, a family-run business in France.  There are only 50 of them made per year for American clients and can take up to 4 months to build.

“What was important to her was to have two ovens of the same size that could bake side by side, with one being electric and one being gas,” said Waysenson. “She wanted a lot of burners, but also a lot of simplicity,” so she could test and create new recipes. And within hours of posting photos of the new stove, Garten was already putting it to use to make “gorgeous Pistachio Meringues” inspired by one of her friends. [Source]

APPLIANCE ENVY IS REAL AND I HAVE IT.  I mean, look at this thing:



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