Lacoste will feature other animals besides iconic alligator.

Lacoste is known for the alligator.  But they will be featuring other animals as well...for a really good cause.  It's all to raise awareness about endangered species.  

Lacoste announced it would begin selling white polo shirts with the alligator logo replaced with 10 endangered species. The collection is extremely limited, with the number of shirts reflecting the number of animals left in each species. According to the brand, the endangered animals are the Vaquita, or Gulf of California porpoise, which has a population size of 30; the Burmese roofed turtle, at 40; the Northern sportive lemur, at 50; the Javan rhino, at 67; the Cao-vit gibbon, at 150; the Kakapo, a nocturnal parrot, at 157; the California condor, at 231; the Saola, at 250; the Sumatran tiger, at 350; and the Anegada ground iguana, at 450 individuals remaining. In total, that's 1,775 shirts and 1,775 of these endangered animals left, which really puts their dire situation into perspective. [Source]



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