Carla Marie's Side Hustlers Podcast: Beers and Beards

In this week's episode I talk to another person I've met through my job in radio! About nine years ago I first put Fred da Mailman on the air as a caller with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. He was funny and lively which was hard to find in the morning! He quickly became a favorite caller for the whole show and we interacted on Twitter very often. Later that year Fred took a trip to New York City and everyone got to meet him. i've been in touch with Fred ever since, only seeing him one other time in between that first time and now. When I say "in touch" I mean he's an avid listener to our podcasts, show, and more so we talk every single day we are on air. Fred has so much time to listen because he's delivering mail and has his headphones in!

Fred has quite the side hustle, he and a friend are building their own brewery in Ohio, Bascule Brewery and Public Ale House, and are brewing their own beer! He's got quite the reason as to why he started this side hustle as well as why he continues his side hustling and it's different than everyone else's reasoning. Fred also works with his friend Tim (he's in this podcast too!) on Midwest Best Grooming Co., a beard balm company for men! If that wasnt' enough, Fred also wrote for the movie "Shine!" which hits theaters this fall!



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