Seattle Police Department Has Been Challenged by Norfolk PD!

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This is cute! It started in Texas where different police departments were challenging one another with lip sync battles. Then it spread. The Norfolk, Virginia police department has *offically* challenged our Seattle police department! Norfolk PD did an awesome job with Uptown Funk! Will Seattle PD respond?! What song will they do?! It has to be Macklemore! 

#NorfolkPD Lip Sync Challenge

YOUR WAIT IS OVER!!!! The Norfolk Police Department was challenged by the Corinth Police Department, Texas to a #lipsync battle and we gladly accepted. As you can see we all had a great time filming the video, which we have to point out was done in #onetake! #NorfolkPD is challenging Seattle Police Department, Norfolk Constabulary, Virginia Beach Police Department, and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (OFFICIAL) Thanks for watching!!!! Bruno Mars

Posted by Norfolk Police Department on Monday, July 9, 2018


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