Turns out Carla Marie was Right About Walking Sharks

A few weeks ago during Carla Marie & Anthony's show on KISS FM Carla Marie dropped a little nugget of knowledge: there are crawling sharks. Everyone basically told her she was dumb, and they didn't exist but Carla Marie knew she was right. After bringing it up again tonight we got a message from  Carla Marie's friend, Tatum, who did some research. The epaulette shark is known as the..."WALKING SHARK". It can walk between coral, on the ocean floor, and on land when necessary. THERE IS A WALKING SHARK PEOPLE AND CARLA MARIE WAS RIGHT. Look how scary it is.


Oh, and get this, they are found in AUSTRALIA. No word if the epaulette shark eats humans like Carla Marie claimed but we're thinking we should believe her!



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