These Cookies Are Causing DRAMA

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Okay first of all these are the same type of cookies as the ones from Target that cause drama between everyone every Fall and Winter. No one thought the drama could get worse! They made the doughy-sugar cookie SLURPEE FLAVOR. WHAT?! Is this awesome?! Is this gross?! 

7-Eleven Cherry Slurpee frosted sugar cookies. Found these a few days ago and was hesitant to try them.. I figured they’d be sickly sweet . Well I’m glad I dived in because these are actually very good! 😱 Yea- I know .. I’m shocked too. They don’t just taste like cherry- they actually taste like a cherry Slurpee 🍒. And they are not overly sweet like most of these type of cookies. The frosting is fairly thick but is perfectly balanced with the soft cookie. I like ‘em! If you’re a Slurpee fan you need these. 👍🏻. #slurpee #cherryslurpee #7eleven #slurpeecookies #7elevenslurpeecookies #cherry #cherryslurpeecookies #junkfood #nostrawneeded

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