He Donated Sperm 13 Years Ago, She Had a Baby, Now They're a Family!

We were so intrigued by the 23 and Me Family that we HAD to get them in studio. If you don't know the story...Jessica Share gave birth via sperm donor 13 years ago to her daughter, Alice. Two years ago Alice joined 23 and Me and found her biological dad, Aaron Long. Aaron wanted to meet Alice but she wasn't the only child conceived via his sperm. He donated sperm for two years and thinks it's possibly he could have 60 children in this world! When the whole family met it was clear that Jessica and Aaron had a connection and NOW they are dating. WE LOVE IT! We were joined in studio by Jessica, Alice, Aaron, and another one of his daughters he has recently connected with, Madi! Listen to them on air with us!



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