Jason Derulo Vs. American Airlines

Jason Derulo had an altercation with American Airlines employees and police officers at a Miami airport yesterday.  And in a video on TMZ, he claimed his people were being racially profiled.

Apparently, a member of his entourage was trying to check the baggage for everyone in the group, and he was told it would cost $6,000 . . . because he had 19 bags with him. 

Jason thought that was bogus because he's one of the airline's most elite customers, and they each get three free bags.  TMZ says the problem was likely that they were late for the flight, so they left one guy back to check the bags on a later flight.  And the airline wouldn't credit all 19 bags to one person.

Watch the video here.

Bender x Molly

Bender x Molly

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