Meet our Church of Bender winners!

Congratulations to the winning couple of the Church of Bender Wedding... Brandon & Chyanne of Bonney Lake! 

Brandon & Chyanne have been together for 10 years now and have been engaged for 4 years.  They have 2 kids together.  The kids have kept them pretty busy and occupied to the point that they haven't been able to plan a wedding.  They are ecstatic to finally be getting married!  She says something like this is "so random" and it's "so us".  

Listen to Brandon & Chyanne exchange their wedding vows in the Church of Bender LIVE on 106.1 KISS-FM this Valentine's Day! 

Very special thanks to our amazing sponsors of the "Church of Bender" Wedding!  Sholdt Jewelry, Schwartz Bros Bakery, Daniels Broiler and Sweetly Hosted.

Bender x Molly

Bender x Molly

It's your morning show on 106.1 KISS FM Seattle!


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