WATCH: Church of Bender Wedding!

Congratulations to the winning couple of the Church of Bender Wedding... Brandon & Chyanne of Bonney Lake! 

Brandon & Chyanne have been together for 10 years now and have been engaged for 4 years.  They have 2 kids together.  The kids have kept them pretty busy and occupied to the point that they haven't been able to plan a wedding.  They are ecstatic to finally be getting married!  She says something like this is "so random" and it's "so us".  

Very special thanks to our amazing sponsors of the "Church of Bender" Wedding!  Sholdt Jewelry, Schwartz Bros Bakery, Daniels Broiler and Sweetly Hosted.

WATCH Brandon & Chyanne exchange their vows here:

Bender x Molly

Bender x Molly

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