Molly's Weekend in Four Pictures (4/22-4/23)

Check out Molly's weekend summarized in four pics! (4/22-4/23)

Started watching 13 Reasons Why (show produced by Selena Gomez on Netflix)'s AMAZING! I couldn't stop watching!

Took Riley up to my friend, Jenny Cookie's, Bake Shop in Lake Stevens to meet Moana! Riley was in heaven....and I got to stock up on treats for the house!

Girls' lunch date at Red Robin! Mac n Cheese all day, everyday! 

Of course, after meeting Moana, Riley wanted to BE her! We not only watched the movie 7 times over the course of the weekend, but Jason surprised her and bought her a new Moana costume! 

Bender x Molly

Bender x Molly

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