Bender's Weekend in Five Pictures! (5/5-5/7)

Check out my weekend summarized in just five pictures!

Raised over $70,000 for Pediatric Stroke research at Seattle Children's!  I was honored to host the event which was AWESOME!!

Tyler was back in town visiting from Chicago!  (l-r) Me, Doormatt, Big Boss Justin, DJ Phase and Tyler.

More from the "Tyler's in town" party! (l-r) Matt, Me, Danielle, Tyler, Monica, Randi, Sara, Kam (Phase's daughter) and Christy!

Dawwwwwww.  Rach and Door Matt's baby.

Went to Art of the Shave at Bell Sq for a shave.  It was the BEST.

Bender x Molly

Bender x Molly

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