The Weeknd CANCLED on VMAs Because of Selena?!

 So the Weeknd was supposed to perform at the VMA's, but he bailed at the last second because he didn't feel like going! Seems like a kind of a Beiber move, RIGHT?!

So get this, the Weeknd says he's been on the road for a long time and just didn't have the energy for it.  Sound Familiar?! When Justin cancelled the remaining dates on his "Purpose World Tour," sources close to him said "he’s been touring for 18 months straight and it takes a toll.” ... Of Course we later found out Bieber has been using this time off to "renew his relationship with Christ." BUT... as it turns out....  Justin even "called Selena several times when he decided to cancel his tour!"

What is Selena doing to these guys?!

Bender x Molly

Bender x Molly

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