Carla Marie and Anthony Eat Bugs at Salt & Straw

Carla Marie and Anthony head to Salt & Straw in Ballard to taste October's Spooktacular Series! They taste Creepy Crawly Critters which is a matcha ice cream with REAL BUGS!!! It's got chocolate covered crickets and coconut toffee-brittle mealworms! Oh, and you can get extra Crittles (mealworms) on top which Carla Marie learns the hard way. They also try Dracula's Blood Pudding...warm spices and cream mixed into REAL Pig's Blood! Watch Carla Marie and Anthony try all of the Spooktacular Series flavors for the first time!

The Carla Marie & Anthony Show

The Carla Marie & Anthony Show

Carla Marie & Anthony are best friends who happen to host a show! Read more


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