Craigslist Price is Right Items: Nutcracker Stools, a Heifer and More!

This morning we played a game called Craigslist Price is Right where we scoured the internet for the best selling items in Seattle and tried to guess the prices! We found some great gems in Seattle and wanted to share with you this awesomeness!!!!

Carla Marie's find: a Brangus Yearling Heifer for $1000

Craigslist Price is Right

Anthony's Find: two Super L Extendahoe's priced at $27,500 each!


Alabama's Find: 2 Collectable Antique German Nutcracker Swivel Top Table Stools at $250!

Nutcracker Stools

And English Evan's Find: a 1997 Star Wars POTF Admiral Ackbar Comlink Wrist Blaster Action Figure at $7

The Carla Marie & Anthony Show

The Carla Marie & Anthony Show

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