Get the Hottest Holiday Toys Before You're Fighting for Them

We see it happen every holiday season, one parent punches another parent in the middle of a store two days before Christmas, just to get the hottest toy of the year. Or you pay 5x the amount of a toy so your kid is happy on Christmas. NOT this year! Get the hottest toys of the year...NOW!

LEGO Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Hogwarts Clock Tower

Lego is always a hit with kids and some adults during the holidays. The company is going deep with Star Wars toys this year (even announcing a 4,700 piece Imperial Star Destroyer on Thursday), but Amazon’s betting on the continuing popularity of Harry Potter.

Furreal Plum, the Curious Panda

The Furreal toy line is a reliable name in annual toy lists. This $99 Amazon exclusive is an interactive stuffed animal that plays with kids during the day and plays music at night. 

Monopoly Voice Banking

The board game has been adding more and more modern elements over the past few years. This latest update puts Mr Monopoly in charge of the money. When you have to pay rent, you press his top hat and give a command (i.e. “Pay rent on Boardwalk”) and the money is transferred. So much for cheating. 

Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant

Already sold out, this interactive toy with a moving trunk responds to touch and plays games with your young child. And its personality evolves as you spend more time with it. It’s an early favorite to be the biggest toy of the holiday season. 

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls

Good news, despite the name, there’s nothing poop-related about these $50 dolls. Bad news: There is slime involved, which most parents have come to dread. The slime is used to give the dolls; fashions a unique look, using shimmer powder and glitter.

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The Carla Marie & Anthony Show

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