Carla Marie's What's Trending: The Clothing Subscription You Actually Want

I have tried my fair share of clothing subscriptions and to be honest, I've been less than impressed. Most times it's brands I'm not familiar with so I don't know my fit and it doesn't ever work out. But imagine your favorite brands all came together to offer you a monthly subscription service?! WELL IT HAPPENED. Meet Nuuly. Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People have all come together to offer you six articles of clothing for $88 per month. After you wear them, return them and get another six articles of clothing. There are articles of clothing for hundreds of dollars on Nuuly and you'll get to rock it without paying that much! I ordered my first Nuuly this week (see everything I'm getting below!) I'm a huge fan because Nuuly does everything they can to be a sustainable company first off, by letting us share clothes rather than waste them, they're using reusable bags to ship instead of cardboard boxes, and they have energy-efficient wet and dry cleaning machines.

My Nuuly
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