Wedding in a Week UPDATE and Tips for Planning a Wedding Right Now

We've been so excited about Wedding in a Week! We were giving away a WHOLE WEDDING. The only catch was that you had to get married one week after finding out! The plan was to announce the winner at the Tacoma Wedding Expo this month and have you start planning your wedding THAT DAY. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 outbreak and no events over 250 people, The Tacoma Wedding Expo is being postponed (as soon as we have the new date we will announce!) We have decided to move Wedding in a Week to September for the Fall Tacoma Wedding Expo! Anyone who has entered for Wedding in a are still entered! We will re-launch the contest again at the end of the summer!

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Brad Buckles, the mastermind behind Tacoma Wedding Expo called in this morning to give us tips for people going through wedding planning right now.


The Tacoma Wedding Expo and is committed to doing everything we can to help Brides-to-be and their families in the community that might be affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). First and foremost, yours and your family’s health are our primary concern. We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are able to avoid the effects of this virus.Remember to work together, don’t panic and take time to enjoy each other during this stressful time.

• Remember most of all, a lot of Brides are not going to be effected at all.In fact most Brides are reacting to the media and social media. Use common sense during these times.

Here are significant steps to take to ensure this virus cannot take control of your wedding.

•There is significant information at and social environments, work, social, school

•Remember to enjoy the process and make it fun. This need not be more stressful or difficult than necessary.

•Don’t rush something.If it’s not working put it down, take a day off and come back to it with a fresh mind.

•TRY A DIFFERENT APPROACH:My wife and I had a ceremony in one place (one group), 1 reception one night (another group) and another reception party another night (with a completely different group of friends out of state).Don’t be afraid to try different approaches to accommodate the needs of families in different areas.Banquets, restaurants, VIP after parties, a cocktail party or a small garden wedding are all great approaches to celebrating your most important day.

•CDC’s opinion on how to act around family members and friends

•Make sure your doing this together and you talk out each other’s wants, “non negotiables”,the honeymoon destination, or maybe the dress, respect each other’s wants and needs.

•Communication is everything. Create a Facebook event or group page so that information is flowing to all of your invited guests and family.

•Don’t panic. This will pass and most will not feel any effects of this virus outbreak at all.

•You have hired professionals to help you navigate and plan this day. Let your wedding professionals give you accurate and experienced advice.Listen to people who know what's going on instead of mass information being put out that doesn't apply locally.

•If anyone has felt bad, sick, stay home and rest, ie... tired, colds, body aches, chills that come and go, slight fevers too.Call your Dr check in and be tested. (According to the CDC)

•You need to be communicating with all your vendors, contracts and business arrangements regarding the day of.A lot of companies will go the distance to help you if you talk with them.

•Other Brides dates or issues may effect your venue or your day, like. domino effect.Stay in touch with your key professionals and ask them for updates.

•Don’t be afraid to use common sense and if no one is sick - have your event.Less is more sometimes and have a great afternoon or evening.

•Certain counties will be imposing restriction to crowd control, over 10 people, under 250 and using certain types of cleanliness.Remember hotels, banquet halls and caterers ARE trained to avoid spread.They are educated specialists in this industry.If you use common sense and rely on a professional.

•At a time like this it is easy to panic and common sense and simple thinking will make this a lot more enjoyable and a day to remember.

•Pick a back up date for a secondary event if certain laws in or restrictions come into play.

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