Carla Marie's What's Trending: Popeyes MERCH!

Popeyes is taking all of their good vibes from 2019 and bringing them into 2020! Last year they launched their very first chicken sandwich and the world lost their minds. Now they're launching Popeyes MERCH. But really, they're just selling their uniforms. Yes, you read that correctly, you can rock your very own Popeyes Louisiana Chicken uniform. They're calling it "Love that Look from Popeyes" which is a play off of their slogan "Love that Chicken from Popeyes"! Choose from the hooded jacket, the crewneck sweatshirt, the half zip, the polo, the hat, even the visor! These items keep selling out so if you want them you'll have to keep your eye on them. What a time to be alive! Shop all of the Popeyes merch here.


Last summer I sat down with Tony Black from KING 5 and we compared the new Popeyes chicken sandwich to the Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich on TV!! Watch it!



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