Bachelor Mansion SAVED in Woolsey Fire!

I have spent MANY days & nights in the Bachelor mansion that lives in Agoura Hills, CA - right outside of Malibu!  During our season (season 13) we didn't travel as much as they do now, so I lived in that house for over a month and have been back on multiple occasions for various events and parties.

Sadly, the Woolsey Fire has destroyed many homes in that area...of which many believed included the famous mansion used to film ABC's The Bachelor.

Fortunately, a neighbor of the Bachelor mansion was able to track down a group of firefighters in hopes to save her own house!  

Ava Friedman tells US Weekly, “There was no one on Kanan Road. It was like a ghost town because everyone had evacuated, so the only cars driving along Kanan were firefighters or police cars, basically,” she explained to Us. “So what we did is we went to Kanan and we basically put our emergencies on [in our car] and tried to flag down a police officer or a firefighter to see if they could put out the fire, because that was a big source of danger. That could have easily gone onto our property and more of The Bachelor property. So we literally flagged them down and said, ‘OK, our house is down there and the house next door is on fire. Can you please do what you can?"

US Weekly has more from the woman who helped save many from the fire.  Click here


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