What!? Kanye West Sings Backstreet Boys Song with Mark Zuckerberg!

Well....this is a very 2018 headline...that oddly doesn't seem so far fetched these days. 

Kanye West sang The Backstreet Boys song I Want It That Way with Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

'Ye posted the picture of the epic karaoke session on Twitter - see below!

Sadly, there wasn't a video to hear what they sounded like and we don't know where the duet took place.

I'm more curious as to HOW this even came about?  Who was responsible for the song choice?  Did Kanye play the role of Brian Littrell....or is he more of a Howie D kind of guy?

I actually loved seeing this photo because nothing makes me smile more than a "happy" Kanye West!  Can we all agree that he has the most infectious smile!?  You can call him crazy all you want, and maybe he has been a little "off" these past few years, but I'm anxiously awaiting for 2006 Kanye West to come back and grace our ears with "Gold Digger" pt. 2. 



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