An Unlikely Collab - Halsey & Panic! At The Disco!?

Halsey has openly fan-girled over Panic! At The Disco many times on her personal instagram!

She posted a video on her IG on Halloween jamming out to "I Write Sins" it was a welcome surprise to see her join them on stage over the weekend!

Panic! was performing at this year's Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City. When they started to perform "I Write Sins" Halsey came running out on stage to finish the song with them!  Obviously, the crowd went insane!

I feel like this is going to lead to bigger things....can we please get some new music with these two together!?

This isn’t the first time Halsey and Panic! have teamed up for this iconic classic, either. The dynamic duo originally teamed up for this stellar track at 2016’s Coachella, so we think it’s time for these legends to make things official!

In other Panic!-related news, the band recently announced the second leg of their Pray For The Wicked Tour.

Check out a full list of dates below and grab your tickets here.



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