My Weekend in 5 Photos

Had the BEST weekend....that was full of all things Christmas!

1. Friday - I new Christmas tree has been haunting me as it sat in my garage all boxed up.  I couldn't take it anymore and had to put it up! I haven't decorated it yet though.  We're headed to Michigan for Thanksgiving, so I'll put up the ornaments after we get back!

2. Saturday morning was literally my idea of perfection! I woke up early and took a Soulcycle class, stopped for coffee afterwards, then went to Target...all by myself!  I walked from aisle to aisle, with no plan, which is the best! Of course, I walked away with 37 items I didn't intend to buy, but it's Target, so that is expected!

3. Take "3" for our family Christmas card photo! We successfully got the perfect pic, which I'll share at a later date, but here are a few outtakes! 

4. Made a batch of Christmas Crack  - my family is obsessed with this stuff!  It is actually my girlfriend  Jenny's recipe, which you can find here

5. Jason and I recently started watching The Handmaid's Tale....and we quickly became obsessed.  I think it took us less than 3 weeks to get through Season 1 & 2.  Well....last night we finished season 2, which has left me devastated becuase I now have to wait until April for the next season to be released!  Ugh!!! Why!!!?!?!?! 


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