Why Does Bachelor Colton Only Drink White Wine!?

Inquiring minds want to know....aka...ME!

Has anyone else noticed that Colton tends to only drink white wine on the Bachelor? Listen, I'm not hating on him...you all know I LOVE white wine, but to be honest, I rarely see guys drinking white wine!? I don't even know what the reason for this would be - maybe it's considered "girly"? But in any case, I noticed it is Colton's "go to" drink, so I had to know if there was a reason behind this!

LUCKILY....I happen to be married to a guy who sporadically shows up on Good Morning America (yes, we know our life is super weird)! It just so happens he was with Colton for dinner last night, then on the show this morning! As you hear in the clip below, Jason knows the way to a successful marriage..."Happy Wife, Happy Life" so he saw the perfect opportunity to slide my question in for Colton!

Check it out below....Colton's reason is actually REALLY smart for someone filming a TV show!!!



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