10 Years later....Molly & Jason's Wedding Photos!

11 years ago, Jason and I met on the Bachelor! A year later, we made it official and got married....on TV!

I always get a thousand questions from people about doing a TV wedding, so today being our 10 year wedding anniversary, I thought I'd take some time to share some fun details from that magical day!

I have been smiling, ear-to-ear, as I write this post because this was TRULY the most incredible day of our lives. I would give anything to go back and do it all over again! Luckily, we've got a pretty high production video from that day, so we can relive it anytime we want ;)

Jason and I were the first TV wedding for the Bachelor franchise since Trista & Ryan's - which was 7 years prior to ours...so needless to say, production was willing to go ALL OUT!!!

That being said, the number one question I get about that day was, "did you have any say in the decisions about the day?" Jason and I were involved in 100% of the decisions made! From the dress, colors, location....all the way down to a simple tea light, we made every single decision. It might be a little different with the Bachelor weddings these days, but let's remember...this was nearly a decade ago, so things were a bit different!


We took over the entire Terranea resort for 3 days! Our guests had to fly in on Friday, but had NO idea where they were staying! Charter buses took them from the airport to the hotel and everyone was put up in a fabulous room. The resort has multiple pools & restaurants, so it was the perfect place to be "stuck" for 3 days!

For the wedding ceremony and reception, production BUILT everything from scratch. The stairs, the floral arbor, 13 foot trees in the ballroom, etc. They even put in new hardwood floors in the ballroom for the reception! It was an incredible transformation! Here are a few pics of the process.

The Look:

I was BEYOND lucky to work with Monique Lhuillier for a custom wedding dress! I went into the process not having a CLUE what kind of dress I wanted, but she help to create the dress of my dreams! She made this incredible drawing of the final look, which I am obsessed with!

The bridesmaids were also wearing Monique Lhuillier dresses! Simple & chic!

I wanted the bridesmaid dresses to be short BECAUSE....Manolo Blahnik custom made shoes for each of us as well! Mine were a little different than the bridesmaids...so I actually stole my sisters after the wedding, so I could have both! haha. I'm too afraid to wear them again because they are so beautiful, but I do have them displayed in a case in my closet!

The incomparable Ken Paves did my hair! I originally wanted to wear it down, but it was SOOOO windy (and rainy) that day, so I didn't want to fuss with it the whole ceremony and just wore it up!

Fun Fact: Ken added a big hair extension piece to add volume, obviously, and the piece of hair was originally created for Jennifer Lopez...so basically, I was wearing J Lo's hair at my wedding! haha

Molly Roncal, makeup artist to the stars made me look flawless (You guys....she does Beyonce's makeup!)! I cannot tell you how amazing this woman is! She has her own makeup line and I still use it to this day! If you watched our wedding, you know that it was POURING rain, and her makeup is so bullet proof, she didn't even need to touch it up after the ceremony! Literally lasted the entire rain storm!


Niel Lane obviously provided all of the diamonds. He literally let me have free reign of his entire store...I could wear ANYTHING I wanted! I wore this massive bangle covered in diamonds, 2 diamond hair clips, diamond earrings, and a diamond chain necklace!

Here is a quick article about the pieces!

Fun Fact: my jewelry was so expensive (over $500,000 to be exact), that I had a body guard with me at the wedding. I had that Cinderella moment, when the clock struck 12:00, the bodyguard came over to me on the dance floor to take all of my jewelry off and back to Neil's store! haha

Funner Fact: Jason's wedding band was created by Angelina Jolie as a gift for Brad Pitt. It's made out of Namibian meteorite. Neil had 2 made for Brad to ensure sizing was correct. Brad got one...and Jason got the other one! You can even see Brad wearing it in the movie Moneyball!

The Cake:

Honestly, it's been so long, I couldn't even tell you what flavors we had...but it sure what GRAND! They used the design & logo from our wedding invitation and put it on that middle band of the cake!

No - Jason did not shove cake in my face....but I shoved it in his!


You know when they say 20% of the people you invite to your wedding won't come...that didn't happen for us. We had 350 people in attendance!

Yes, we had a number of guests from the Bachelor franchise, but Jason and I actually wouldn't let production invite anyone that we haven't personally met. We wanted our wedding to be filled with our actual friends & family...not a bunch of people from the show we didn't know! That included a bunch of girls from my season, guys from Jason's season and OF COURSE my great gal pal, Trista!

At the time of our wedding, there were only THREE couples from Bachelor Nation that were still together: Trista/Ryan, Jillian/Ed, and Charlie/Sarah! What a difference 9 years makes! There are TONS of couples now!

First dance:

This is quite possibly my favorite moment of the whole day. Gavin Degraw came to sing for our first dance and it was EVERYTHING!

Check it out below!

Other fun details:

Everyone's seat assignment was attached to a small baggie containing a coin. As you entered the reception area, you'd throw the coin into a fountain and make a wish for us.

We had an In & Out truck come towards the end of the night to pass out some "late night" snacking food! As you can imagine...that was a HIT!

We had a gifting suite for all of our guests. Gifts included glassy baby, professional teeth whitening, etc. The biggest shocker, however, was that our entire wedding party was gifted a 7 night trip, for two, to a luxury resort in Anguilla! My bridesmaids literally all started crying when they found out!

Jason is Jewish, so we did the Horah at the reception and even all of my Catholic friends & family had a BLAST doing it!

Though Ty wasn't shown in the TV special, he was OF COURSE at the wedding and was part of the ceremony. He RAN down the aisle to Jason!

Yes, it there was a torrential rainstorm that day! In fact, there was a tsunami warning for that area, but we embraced it, and quite honestly...I loved it. The rain gave everyone a laugh and was fun....plus I had a team of people waiting to fix my hair & makeup after the ceremony ;)

All in all, the day was absolute perfection - I wouldn't change a thing about it!

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