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posted by Luciana Bosio -

Homelessness is a serious issue in the Puget Sound. And it got worse this year... 

Every year All Home King County goes out on the streets and does a head count of people living in a situation of homelessness. They call this the Point in Time or PIT Count. 

In 2016 the number of homeless people in King County alone was almost 10,700...

This year, that number has increased by 1,000 people!  

And you know what's worse? Almost 50% of them are unsheltered... living on the streets, in abandoned and sometimes condemned buildings, in vehicles and in tents...

It might seem OK for summer, but I'm sorry to break the news to you, cold weather is only a couple of months away. We need to act and we need to act quickly. 

Some people are already working on it. Our guests have spent summer building micro homes for Camp Second Chance and they came to the show to tell us about Camp Second Chance, the Micro Home Project and how we can all help. 

We talked to Miki Tamura, one of the original volunteers to help Camp Second Chance; Leilani Wells, who purchased 7  Micro Homes all at once; and Gregory Marks, Founder of Right Now Today, who purchased 5 Micro Homes and has been working with Camp Second Chance since they only had about 5 tents.

Check our talk right here...



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