Driver Plows Into Auburn Doughnut Shop

posted by Zann - 

Stop what you're doing and watch this video of a person driving their truck into a doughnut shop in Auburn. The scary part about the crash is not even the crash itself. The couple walking into the shop and reacting to the driver plowing their car into it is the scariest part! 

Could you imagine? I can't. No seriously, imagine saying to yourself "you know what Zann? You need a maple glazed today!" and you finally go treat yourself, only to be traumatized by such an insane moment in a snap of the fingers? I love maple glazed donuts, but I'm good. 

Driver plows pickup truck into Auburn doughnut shop

WATCH: Surveillance video at Donut Star on Auburn Way South shows the moment a suspected DUI driver plowed his pickup truck into the front of the shop this morning. DETAILS: (Video: Donut Star Auburn)

Posted by KOMO News on Friday, June 8, 2018


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