Boat is Going in Circles in Normandy Park (Live)

posted by Zann - 

Well this is just full of excitement for a Friday afternoon! A boat just west of Normandy Park is going around in circles with nobody on board. 

Thank God for Komo because they have a live stream of it going on right now!

Apparently, a teen was going around in circles before he was thrown overboard. Good news is that he made it to shore safely! Until they get it under control you can watch the boat here! 

HAPPENING NOW: A boat is running in circles off the shore of Normandy Park.

UPDATE: The Coast Guard says a teen was in the boat doing very sharp turns when he fell overboard. He was able to get to shore safely. HAPPENING NOW: A boat is going in circles off the shore west of Normandy Park. It appears no one is in the boat.

Posted by KOMO News on Friday, August 24, 2018


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